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The Club has a SPOT Gen3 GPS locator beacon for loan by members on rides to update family and friends by pre-formatted text message to (1) Check In, (2) Custom message including GPS location, or (3) Require assistance including GPS location.  A 4th SOS message sends a message and GPS location to GEOS SPOT HQ who then inform the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (, Australia's terrestrial and offshore emergency response coordinating agency.

Want to know where the Club SPOT is?  If it has been on the road and called home in the last 7 days, then you can track its location on the BMWMCC SPOT Adventure page (external) by clicking here or the SPOT image to the right.

Want to borrow the Club SPOT?  Then complete and email or print & @mail this form to the Club.

You can view, read or print the SPOT User Guide here.

Click on the SPOT to see where it has been.  Only the last 7 days travel is shown.

What does SPOT do and how could it help you?  Here are a couple of You Tube videos

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