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 The BMW Motorcycle Club Canberra (BMWMCC, Club) invites all rallyists to the Kosciuszko Rally at Geehi Flats (Alpine Hut) Campground, located on the Alpine Way between Thredbo and Khancoban and held over the second weekend in October.  

1.  There is NO need to register or pre-pay, but encouraged to help us plan for numbers and if you want a meal.  Covid-19 rules still apply.  If you are ill or have symptoms stay at home.  Rally's aren't free to organise, so please buy a badge and keep this one going.

2.  The Kosciuszko Rally will have a limited meal Saturday night with that Sunday stalwart of egg n bacon roll and espresso coffee.  Register to the rally to reserve your meals in advance as it helps us with planning and reduces wastage.  Otherwise it's 'Back to Basics', you need to bring everything.  The Club will provide firewood to those buying a badge, and why not share your fire with others in the area.  Along with plenty of FREE rubbish bags on hand for you to take your rubbish home.  Do not trash Australia.

3.  KNP has entry fees and registered campsites.  The Club will prepay a number of campsites, but you must have registered and paid for a badge to be included in the Club cap should the Ranger visit.  Alternatively, you can book your own campsite on the NSWNPWS website.

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